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YSEVENTY7 by Chef Izu Ani



Aldar and Chef Izu are partnering in a new development by Aldar. this exciting partnership will uplift residential kitchens with a touch of Chef Izu's expertise.

Chef Izu and AUDI share core values of quality, inspiration and innovation. As a brand ambassador of AUDI in the Middle East, Chef Izu connects with the brand through shared philosophy.

Thèo is an extra virgin olive oil harvested in Chef Izu's own olive grove in the Kalamata region (western Peloponnese). Used in all of our venues, Thèo highlights the Chef Izu's philosophy's focus on the providence of the ingredients.

The long standing partnership between Chef Izu and Evian Middle East is another part where the beliefs align. the untouched natural flavour of Evian water is a perfect complement to Chef Izu's dishes that highlight the vibrance and quality of the ingredients. 

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