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KITCH-IN, a collection of brands, flavours and experiences, bringing Chef Izu's philosophy to life through a wide variety of dishes. Kitch-In designs dishes that can be delivered without compromising on flavour, taste and nutritional values.

Chef Izu commented on Kitch-In saying, “Everything we eat is a reflection of who we are and how we are feeling. When we order at home, we aren’t necessarily in the mood to go out, it is often when we are feeling tired or relaxed. We created Kitch-In to become a part of your daily routine, something that can pick you up when you are down and hold your hand when you need. Taste is so closely linked to our memories; it takes us back in time and allows us to reminisce on our childhoods. Food is a comfort to us, and we want to nurture people and make them feel cared for with home cooked meals, delivered to their door."

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